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10 Disgusting Ways Nigerians Behave When They Become Car Owners

I stumbled on a thread recently when Nigerian dudes, living abroad, said that owning a car in civilized countries is not seen as a trophy as it is seen in Africa. Even the rich people may prefer to park their cars at home and prefer to catch a train or public transport.

In Nigeria, the only way a man can be regarded as rich and wealthy is the fleet of cars he owns as it command a degree of respect and honour in our society. By the reason of this, many Nigerians tend to exhibit some disgusting habits just to showcase class and make other people look inferior. These disgusting habits are discussed below

Note: This is NOT a generalization of all car owners

1. They Drive Speedily and Splash Water on People without Apologies

In as much as some Nigerians are enjoying the comfort of their cars laced with AC, they don't even want to care about pedestrians on the streets or those by the bus stops. During or after a heavy rainfall, a man will drive speedily even when situation demands he slows down a bit just to avoid splashing water on people. He will drive speedily splashing water on their clothes without even coming down to apologize to them. This is a disgusting act exhibited by some Nigerians just because they own a car

2. Display of Arrogance and Rudeness

Some people even become very arrogant and rude that they dish out insults to people at any slight provocation. I can remember vividly (about 8years ago), when my friend rested his back on a man's car, only for the man to come and embarrassed my friend tagging his entire family that only if they could afford one. The statement got to the other part of my friend and warned the man never to bring his family into a fiddle for just resting his back on his, and that he has not bitten his car. To my surprise, he registered a slap on my friend's face and started ringing up some people to come to his aid to help beat my friend up.

3. Chasing Ladies Shamelessly

It is so pathetic that we are in the part of the world where the worth of a man in the sight of a lady is measured by the number of car he owns. The shameful part is that the motivating factor for our youth striving to own a car isnot because of the comfort associated with driving one's car, but because they know it will increase their chances of easily getting a lady in bed. Many youth will this mentality shameful chase their kid sister's mates from street to street when they finally own a car. As funny as it sounds, some mechanics or car wash agents will even use the cars of their customers to scroll out and will use it to woo ladies, and the funniest thing is that they will use these cars to have easy access to the kitty-cats of ladies I can never have to opportunity to bleep in my life.

4. Unwilling to Offer People a Lift

Sometimes, I ask myself, what purpose has one come to the earth for if one cannot influence people's lives in a little way one can. The worst of it is that some cherish their cars more than God that they cannot even lend their cars out to covey a labouring woman to the hospital for child delivery. Though, no one is saying you should turn your car to public transport, but at least, helping people once in a blue moon won't reduce the lifespan of your car.

5. Picking up anything in Skirts

This has happened to me countless times and I trust that many of us might have also experienced it. Sometimes, you might see four persons at a bus stop waiting to catch a public transport under an intense sun (three guys and a lady). A man drives by and packs, only to volunteer to offer the girl a lift neglecting all the male folks. To be very frank, no matter how much we try to embellish this act, it is very disgusting and only a foolish and sex starved nincompoop man would do such. This unnecessary fair treatment some of them often give to ladies is the main reason why most ladies feel they deserve golds and diamonds just because they have breasts and holes between their legs.

6. Faulting Okada Riders for their Misdeeds

As an okada rider, one thing that most Nigerian car owners share in common is that they will never accept the fact that their careless driving resulted into an accident but will look for the next available innocent okada rider to heap the blame on. That was how I was riding my okada with my passenger last week, along Fajuyi Road, Ado-Ekiti, when this man winded down his car window and told me to give way otherwise he will relegate me to six feet at once. He started raining abusive words on me some. In quote "kuro lona oloshi" " maaa paaa e danu iwo weyrey yi.. Meaning, "get out of the road you idiot otherwise I go kill you"

7. Riding People at Filling Stations

Some will drive to the filling stations and by the time they meet many okada riders as well as keg buyers on queue for petrol. They will begin to hit their horns incessantly for people to clear for them making other people look like they are jobless and have come there to waste their time.

8. They use Duress to Control other People

As awkward as it sounds, some will even use duress to coerce their employees into washing their cars and that of their wives otherwise they will get fired if they ever refuse. This is not an exaggeration or something, it does happen to some employees. May God never let us be a victim of this

9. They Become Snobbish and Discriminating

This is very common with some youths. Someone that used to be your very good friend during trying times. God later enlarged his coast and was able to buy a car. The car will trigger some annoying in him such as becoming snobbish and discriminating. He will see his friends whom they used to roll together when they were in the job seeking league and will start ignoring them. To hit the horn and greet them becomes a very difficult thing even from far becomes a very difficult thing.

10. They are quick to make reference to their Cars

Many of them are always very quick to make reference to their cars even situation does not warrant it. He enters a public transport and a quarrel happens between him and other passengers or the conductor. The next thing he will say is that he doesn't blame them for trading words with him if not for his car that has flat tire.

I drop my pen at this point

Feel free to add yours.

Source - Tosyn

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