Thursday, 2 June 2016

Ogoni Clean-Up: VP Osinbajo's Lands In Rivers State

"Appalled by the denigrating poverty of my people who live on a richly- endowed land, distressed by their political marginalization and economic strangulation, angered by the devastation of their land, their ultimate heritage, anxious to preserve their right to life and to a decent living, and
determined to usher to this country as a whole a fair and just democratic system which protects everyone and every
thnic group and gives us all a valid claim to human civilization".

This was the cry of the unforgettable Gem of the Delta; Ken Saro Nwiwa who Believed in Truth and Freedom Championed by Pen.
Today, a new page is about to be created in history as the cry for Environmental rehabilitation has received appropriate response.
Without fear or favour, I must Congratulate PMB for his dogged determination to clean up the Niger using Ogoni as a gateway.

A lot flows in the forest of my thought but I'll try to hold my pen still at this point.

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