Friday, 29 July 2016

Anambra State - Peter Obi At The Democrats Convention In Philadelphia, USA

As shared by facebook user, Valentine Obienyem who happens to be a former aide to the ex Anambra State governor, Mr Peter was 'invited to attend the convention for ''the fundamental changes he brought to his country through his belief in the rule of law''.

Here's an excerpt from Obienyem's facebook page..

"Mr. Peter Obi at The National Democratic Convention at Philadelphia, USA.

The invitation to him to attend the Convention came from the highest quarters. At first he doubted its authenticity, because, in our country today, those bent on giving us bad name use every thing for fraud.

Well it required a few phone calls to confirm its authenticity.

I am thinking of making the letter public because of its consoling wordings. A paragraph proudly reads: "You are among few outstanding individuals we extended invitations to because, having followed your politics in your country over the years, we are convinced that you share a lot with our party. We are also aware of fundamental changes you brought to your country through belief in the rule of law..,"

Shall we sample the Oracle quietly seated at the Convention arena, sharing experience with like minds?"

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