Monday, 18 July 2016

Meet The Female Sec School Graduate Who Is A Mechanic And Is Proud Of It

Instead of dabbling into prostitution or other forms of hustle girls of these days engage in, this young lady has decided to fend for herself in the most honourable way. The secondary school graduate identified as Blessing is a full time mechanic due to condition and she's proud of it. A Facebook user Ocheni Raymond Oche, who met her today shared his experience on his page.

Today I met Blessing (A MECHANIC), and I was touched, by the fact that a secondary school graduate who had no hope to further school sought to learn mechanic for 4 years and is on her own now, a life better than anything else that's depicts high level of immorality.

As can be seen , she is changing shocks for a Toyota Camry (muscle), and I tell you its not beans! Please share this till someone in position or our churches or mosques finds this touching enough to help establish her and promote what she does and encourages other women and youth.

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