Thursday, 22 September 2016

Angelina Jolie in court for full custody of his 6 children

Divorce: Brad Pitt to battle Angelina Jolie in court for full custody of his 6 children

Just after Angelina Jolie asked for full physical custody of her six kids in her divorce papers, new reports claim Brad Pitt is ready to put up a fight in court for the
full custody of his 6 children.

Brad Pitt , 52, is preparing to fight hard against his ex, Angelina Jolie, 41, when it comes to the six kids they share.

“Angelina is dreaming if she thinks she can take his kids away from him,” sources tell TMZ, adding that “there’s no chance” Angie will get the full physical custody she’s asking for.

The site also reports that Brad does not think Angelina is bad mother, and he doesn’t want to hurt her, but he obviously doesn’t want to lose time with his children.

It was previously reported that the 41-year-old pulled the plug on the marriage because she didn’t agree with her husband’s parenting methods, and felt he was putting the kids in danger because of his alleged drinking, marijuana use and anger issues.

However, a divorce attorney has said it is not likely the actress has enough evidence to take joint custody away from Brad. In fact, she’d have to prove that he’s been “negligent or abusive,” and as far as we’ve seen, there’s been no sign of that.

In their statements about the divorce, both stars made it clear that the children are their number one priorities, with Angie stating that she ended her marriage “for the health of her family,” and Brad making it clear that the “well-being of our kids” is “what matters most.” The legal documents were filed on Sept. 19, with the date of separation listed as three days earlier.


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