Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Half Of Japan's Millennials Are Still Virgins

Why are almost half of Japan's millennials still virgins?

Japanese millennials just aren't having sex. That's according to a
government survey published last week, claiming that 42% of men and 44.2% of women -- almost half of Japan's millennial singles aged between 18 to 34 -- are virgins.

While some prefer it that way, others would like their fortunes to change, with 85.7% of men and 89.3% of women harboring hopes of marriage in the future. The survey did not look at same-sex partners.
Japan's lack of interest in sex is blamed on everything from a stagnant economy to Japanese manga fans favoring fantasy over reality.

The latest government survey found that 42 % of men aged between 18 to 34 were still virgins.
Japan has one of the world's lowest birthrates and is home to a severely aging population, with a recent survey finding 34.6 million Japanese aged over 65.
But despite, the government's attempts to boost the number of marriages and children, this year's survey results from the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, don't reveal a swerve in the right direction.

Japan's 40-year-old virgins?

Nancy Snow, a professor of public diplomacy from the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, told CNN that changing social and economic norms contributed to the decrease in relationships between men and women.
"Men are making about a third to half of what they used to make during Japan's economic boom years in the 1980s. Some men's sense of self is tied to their salary and they feel threatened by women who are empowering themselves," said Snow.

She explained that the income decrease made men in Japan feel less confident in attracting Japan's increasingly successful class of women, who have become used to earning their own money and putting themselves first.
"While men are going from a cradle to grave trajectory, there are a lot of professional women with disposable incomes, who think that marriage might not just be worth it," said Snow.

source CNN

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