Tuesday, 27 September 2016

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Association of Non-indigenes in Anambra state (ANIAS)

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ANIAS is an association formed and registered

In Anambra State on 15th Day of March 2016 with its headquarters in Awka. The association was created by few concerned individuals in Anambra state with the view of making life meaningful for the Non-indigenes in Anambra state..


As a new Association created and registered; the visions include:

* To foster unity and progress among all Non-indigenes living in Anambra state

** To serve as a watchdog on government actions and policies as it affects the Non-indigenes in Anambra state.

*** To promote and defend the rights, well being and interest of non - indigenes in Anambra state in their various work place and society..

**** To enhance peaceful Co - existence between the non-indigenes and indigenes of Anambra state communities in all levels.

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*****To curtail the increasing culture of violence and rascality among the Non-indigenes and indigenes at various communities of Anambra state and equally enthrone the culture of security to one another.

****** To seek state Government Assistance concerning the massive army of our unemployed members who do not have credible means of livelihood.


The mission of ANIAS include:

* To improve the quality of life of Non-indigenes in Anambra state through creation of partnership with the state Government..

** To enhance the social and economic wellbeing of members and establish welfare funds for the benefits of members of the Association..

*** To support any good policies and actions of any administration in Anambra state that will protect the well being and job security of Non-indigenes.

**** To join Anambra stakeholders in creating a progressive way forward for their well being..

***** To make our members responsible in a manner that will develop a civil relationship between the Indigenes and Non - indigenes of Anambra state with the aim of nurturing a better society.


According to Oxford law dictionary (7th edition) An Indigene is an individual who is born in a particular place or society..

According to Wikipedia (2016) An Indigene is a person who can trace his or her ancestry back to a community of people who were among the original inhabitants of that place.

Based on these two definitions of an Indigene, one can say authoritatively that a Non-indigene is a person or individual who is not born in a particular place or society but lives in that society. OR; A person who cannot trace his/her ancestry back to a particular community of people where he/she resides.

Thus, a member of ANIAS is an individual or a person who is not born in Anambra state but lives and work in Anambra state. OR; An individual who cannot trace his/her ancestry to Anambra state but lives and work in Anambra state..


Below are the benefits....

*It brings all Non-indigenes of Anambra state together under one umbrella.

** It provides social and economic security to its members in their various work place and environment.

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