Thursday, 22 September 2016

Jose Mourinho Blaming Louis Van Gaal Over Losing

Man Utd manager Jose Mourinho blaming Louis Van Gaal over 3-match losing streak


Embattled Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho believes Louis van Gaal’s legacy is to blame for his woes at
Manchester United this season.

The ex-Chelsea boss has told friends the past week’s hat-trick of defeats was caused by the players’ mental hangover from two years of the Dutchman’s unpopular tactics

It is understood the Portuguese reckons he is still dealing with the fall-out from predecessor Van Gaal’s reign six games into his debut season.

Mourinho has told friends he feels the players are still hindered by the rigid style of play under his old Barcelona mentor Van Gaal, three months after he began working with them.

He believes he is having to retrain the players to think for themselves after two years of being stifled by the Dutchman’s mental-straitjacket approach.

The new United boss criticised left-back Luke Shaw for Watford’s second goal in the 3-1 defeat at Vicarage Road last weekend, but does understand the full-backs are being asked to do the opposite of what was required of them by Van Gaal.

Mourinho wants his full-backs to push forward, after they had two years of LVG telling them to pass inside to the centre-half to retain possession.

The Special One can see some of his players are confused and feels this has contributed to a losing streak that could reach four games in the League Cup at Northampton on Wednesday night.

It is believed he feels midfielder Ander Herrera, in particular, is struggling to cope after being told to play differently by Van Gaal.

Mourinho is confident the players will successfully adapt to his style of play though, given time.


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