Friday, 23 September 2016

Victor Emenayo Slams The Media

The Nigerian footballer, Victor Emenayo, pictured above, has reacted to accusations made by Azerbaijani media that he’s over
40-years-old & not 23.

But, wait! Is he really 23?!?!

The media in Azerbaijan have accused Nigerian striker Emenayo, who was recently signed by Azerbaijani top division side, Shahdagh Qusar FK, of being 17 times older than the age (23) declared on his passport.

The Sun also reports that the club accused him of duping them by lying and holding a fake passport.

Emenayo has now slammed all the false age allegations. Speaking to website ‘New Fanzone Blog’ via a telephone chat, he said: “How can anybody claim or ascertain that I am not 23-years-old merely by my looks. I am not a cheat and you know, people are quick to relate anything negative to Nigeria. I am not going to let that false and negative reports affect my performance for my new team.”

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