Sunday, 25 September 2016

world’s largest aeroplanes flying

Checkout world’s largest aeroplanes flying in breathtaking tandem despite their size

In spite of their formidable size, these multi-million pound airbus planes, which are some of the largest in the sky, are flown in perfect formation with each other to celebrate 25 years of a common tech system.

The Airbus’ ‘family flight’ brought together its commercial product line of what it refers to as single-aisle and widebody jetliners.

The incredible jets hitting the skies together is an incredible sight even from the air, as they cruised smoothly over countryside.

The event was held to celebrate 25 years of Airbus’s ‘commonality’ feature – the similar computer systems across their flee which include ‘fly-by-wire’ electronic controls.

These technologies help to make pilot training, operations and maintenance easier and more efficient.

The aircrafts included in the flight were the best-selling A320neo – meaning new engine option – which typically seats around 150 people, or 180 for low-cost flights.

Also the widebody A330, currently used by more than 100 airlines worldwide, and the new-generation A350 XWB, offering the widest seats of any jetliner in its category.

The double-deck A380 was also in the formation, with layouts including comfortable 18-inch seats at 11-abreast in economy – giving seating for 615 – up to a private three-room suite.

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