Sunday, 30 October 2016

Frank Umeadi - What You Wish You Read In The Beginning Of Life

So every night when you place your head on your poor mattress you begin to think; why were you born in such a poor family? Why your parents did not really made it in their own time? You don’t have cars; no house of your own; no money to even have a good meal. Even when you visit your rich uncle to explain your condition and tell him how responsible you want to be in future therefore he should help you, and instead of really helping you, he will tell you to go and face your education that it’s the key to success without giving you support to get that quality education.

Now you decided in your heart that you must get there. You started studying hard and fortunately you secured an admission into higher institution where your parents did their best to train and support you as you finally graduated with a good grade.

Now is time to take up that responsibility and also make your parents happy. You decided to meet that your uncle that advised you to face your education to get support from him, at least to help you secure a good job. He keeps posting and telling you that he will call you soon, and just like that, 1 year is gone.

Now you are no longer happy and you are thinking, why must it be you? You already have good grade yet nobody to help you get to the limelight. You aren’t getting support from anybody. You now begin to think if God truly love you. Please erase that thought from your mind because God is merciful to all and love all that exists (Wisdom 11:22-12:2).

Do you know the problem is from you? Yes you heard me right; you are the cause of your problems. You only desire but not making efforts. Even when you make efforts, you are not taking the opportunities that came from your efforts. And even when you take the opportunities, you are not really converting them to fruits. Now let’s say you converted them to fruits, you have always made the big mistake of not thanking God for your success.

Don’t get it? Let’s take a look at what happened today in the Gospel (Luke 19:1-10). Jesus entered Jericho and was going through the town when a man whose name was Zacchaeus made his appearance; He was too anxious to see what kind of man Jesus was (that is *DESIRE*), but he was too short and could not see him from the crowd; So he ran ahead and climbed a sycamore tree to catch a glimpse of Jesus who was to pass that way (that is making *EFFORT*). When Jesus reached the spot, he looked up and spoke to him, ‘Zacchaeus, come down, hurry, because I must stay at your house today’ (that is a great *OPPORTUNITY*). And he hurried down and welcomed him joyfully (that is converting OPPORTUNITY to *FRUIT*). They all complained when they saw what was happening, “He has gone to stay at a sinner’s house”, they said. But Zacchaeus stood his ground and said to the Lord, ‘look, sir I am going to give half my property to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody, I will pay him back four times the amount’(that is *REPARATION* and *THANKSGIVING*). And Jesus said to him, ‘Today Salvation has come to this house, because this man too is a son of Abraham; for the son of man has come to seek out and save what was lost’.

Now I ask you brothers and sisters. What are you doing to be successful and take up that responsibility? What are you doing to get that salvation? Do you sleep and wait for manner to fall into your hands?

Please stop feeling depressed because you don’t have a support. Stop wasting all of your time on social media claiming who you are not.

How on earth would you call yourself an entrepreneur when you don’t have any product or service you are selling? Because you managed to buy a domain name for just an ordinary blog, you start calling yourself a CEO? You will come to the social media and say “If you want to start earning 100 BTC monthly like me, comment ‘I need it or inbox me’” while you don’t have a common Android phone. You will like to feel along and start saying things like “$1,000 Payoneer funds needed, inbox me” when you don’t even know what Payoneer is all about. My brethren, stop forcing yourself to feel along. Remember all fingers are not equal and we are all uniquely created by God.

So instead of being on social media and making all the noise, why not sit down, think and then realize that being a graduate is just a stepping stone to your career. All those dx/dy and 2x + 3 = 9 is not the real deal to a smiling bank account. The real deal is what you can do, how you are doing it and why you are the best.

*Note this for sure:* When you have searched for a job and no one secured yet, don’t get tired; what are we even saying, if you get tired who will feed you? So don’t ever lose hope, go to the street, look for something to be doing because it’s better to be in the street making money than to be online making just a name. Don’t mind whatever your friends, neighbours and the street will say; let them talk and let your bank account continue to smile.

You know some will tell you that you should think outside the box, but I am telling you today that there is no box at all. So I advise you to stay mute, be at the background, work hard and let your success speak for you.

*Remember:* Two days are most important in a man’s life; the day you were born and the day you discovered why. I urge you today to go ahead and discover why you were born.

What are the bases?


Is that Simple?

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