Saturday, 1 October 2016

Ivan Klasnic Critically Ill After kidney Transplant Failure

Former Bolton Wanderers striker Ivan Klasnic is critically ill in hospital after kidneys donated earlier by his mum and dad failed, forcing him to need permanent treatment in hospital.

The player first suffered kidney failure in 2007 while starring for German Bundesliga outfit Werder Bremen but was saved thanks to a kidney donation from his father which helped him return to full fitness.

Klasnic played for Fulham in the English Premier League

However that has now also failed, leaving him once again desperately ill and needing a new kidney to survive. It was revealed that his mother Sima had been the first to give him a new kidney, but his body had also rejected the organ.

Klasnic critically ill in hospital

The 36-year-old former Premier League striker is currently waiting to see if there is a living donor that could be a match for what would be his third kidney transplant.

The Croatian footballer got back on the pitch after the 2007 transplant and later in his career he played for Bolton Wanderers, which were at the time a Premier League side.

He also continued to star for his national team, featuring in the 2008 Euro competition and becoming the only player to ever participate at a major tournament after a kidney transplant.

But now Klasnic has to go to his local hospital in the northern German city of Hamburg three times a week for dialysis.

Possible donors related to the player, such as siblings, appear to no longer be an option because his body has now formed antibodies which make relatives’ organs too dangerous to transplant.

Local reports said he would need to rely on deceased organ donors and wait to get to the top of the list, which in Germany, has an average waiting time of seven years.

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