Friday, 21 October 2016

Southeast Laughter Night IS Here


Have you ever thought of been on

✔Do you think you have all it takes to crack people's ribs? 

✔Do you think you are outstanding in the comedy world? 

✔Do you think you are talented and can make people laugh using your jokes and other stage skills even in these economic Recession? 

✔IF your answer is yes, then the stage is set for you on the forthcoming Comedy night titled: SOUTHEAST LAUGHTER NIGHT. 

Grand price to win #50,000πŸ’―
And other numerous consolation prices... 

To Participate Call:
08064188046 Mr Charles
07067640557 Mr Ikechukwu,
07069521820 Mr Social 

πŸ”ŠNote: The Audience are the judges and that has vindicated a fair ground for all the participants.. All you need to do is to come along with your fans to cheer you up... 

#Southeast Laughter Night...Laugh Till Mama Calls........ πŸ‘πŸΏ✔


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