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Association of Non-indigenes in Anambra State (ANIAS) as earlier posited few weeks ago is a young Association created to secure the rights and privilege of Non-indigenes in Anambra state. As it was noted in our last Article publications, the population of Its members is growing geometrically on daily basis as a result of the fact that the people are seeing tangible reasons to join the Association.

Currently, a lot of groups has joined ANIAS as a result of the fact they are seeing the need to use one voice in pursuance of their daily goals and Dreams.

Below are the registered groups whom are under the umbrella of ANIAS and its population:

I) Association of Northern Anambra Residents (46,580)

II) Igala Anambra Residents Union(11,377)

III) Believe in Peace Club(1,200)

IV) Ebonyi state Okada Drivers Union Anambra state (18,344)

V) Ebonyi welfare Association Diaspora Anambra State (57,654)

Vi) Enugu State Women Group Diaspora Anambra Union (32,211)

Vii) Ebonyi State Women Diaspora Anambra Union (48,876)

Viii) Rivers State Residents in Anambra state UNION-RRIAS (8,201)

Ix) Great Yoruba Diaspora Association Anambra state (31,338)

X) Godly Group Traders Association Anambra state (1800-All Non-indigenes)

Xi) Barrow Pushers Assoc Njikoka L. G. A (680)

Xii) Association of Motor Mechanics Anambra state (7,800 - Non-indigenes)

Xiii) Okada Drivers Association Awka South(12,100-Anias Members)

Xiv) Tipper Drivers and water tank Drivers Association Anambra state (4,180-Anias members)

Xv) Sand & Stone Suppliers Association Anambra State (1,777-Anias Members)

Xvi) Meat butchers Association of Anambra State (8,843-Anias Members)

Xvii) Nsukka Students Association UNIZIK CHAPTER (1,139)

Xviii) Ogbaru North and South Landlord Association Anambra State (1,099-Anias members)

Xix) Bore Hole Drillers Association Anambra state (3,226-Anias Members)

Xx) Sister Fellowship Anambra State (4,211-Anias members)

Xxi) Ebonyi State Onitsha Market Traders Association(4,101)

Xxii) Keke Drivers Association Anambra state(12,803-Anais Members)

Xxiii) Ebonyi State Students Association ANSU CHAPTER(1,902)

Xxiv) Yoruba Students Association Anambra State (2,559)

Xxv) Non Grouped Anias Members (1,238,331)

Based on the figures and groups established above whom are under the umbrella of ANIAS one can Authoritatively state that ANIAS members are not idle rather they know that Anambra state is not their origin hence, they work and do business in Anambra State in other to further establish themselves and contribute fully to the development of their state of origins and Nigeria at large.

Finally, we can also see that the population of ANIAS Members in the state is still growing geometrically and has contributed in growing of state Internal Generated Revenue which the State Government is using to Develop the State.

BY - Osinachi ( 09032734635 ).

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