Friday, 7 April 2017

[A MUST READ] 12 Things That Happen When You Masturb*te Too Much

Masturb*tion means the process of stimulating the genitals of (someone) to give them S3@.x:’ual pleasure. There are some set backs attached to this when do and the repercussion detrimental to the well-being of such fellow.

These are what happen when you masturb*te much
1. Masturb*tion Is Its Drawbacks
Masturbation might not be the best thing to do. Especially if you’re doing it way too much. Here’s what happens when you overdo it.

2. Pain
Yes, frequent masturb*tion can actually cause you to have extreme pain down there. It can even result in Peyronie’s disease, which is caused by chaffing skin and can cause your joystick to bend.

3. Quantity Over Quality
Too much masturbation can mess up your whole outlook on S3@.x:’. You begin to look for more S3@.x:’, rather than high quality S3@.x:’.

4. Better Than S3@.x:’
Too much masturbation can replace S3@.x:’ for you. Instead of looking for S3@.x:’, you become satisfied with just masturbating.

5. P*rn Preference
P*rn often goes hand in hand with masturbation. Too much p*rn can make it hard to become attracted to real women.

6. You Become A Mess
Too much masturbation can ruin your schedule. You can become late for work and waste whole days masturbating.

7. Can’t Focus
You start not being able to focus on the task at hand. What’s on your mind is the next time you get to masturbate.

8. You Can’t Come
Too much masturbation makes ejaculation difficult. That’s because you become used to pleasuring yourself with your hand and not an actual woman.

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9. Depression
Masturbation can actually cause depression. It can make you feel worthless as a human being. Sad.

10. Swelling
Too much masturbation can result in swelling and irritation. It can also give you one hell of a rash.

11. Low Sperm Count
Too much masturbation can actually lower your sperm count. This is terribly if you’re trying to have kids.

12. Ruin Relationships
Too much masturbation can also ruin relationships. You probably won’t want to have s3x with your girlfriend if you’ve been masturbating all day.

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