Thursday, 13 April 2017

Understanding the essentials of Christian marriage

MARRIAGE is a huge task which needs new ideas on how to make it work every day. Many books have been written on marriage, and each has contributed its quota to upholding of the marriage institution. Like in other texts on marriage, the authors highlight the fact that marriage is an institution sanctioned by God.

The book admits that marriage is probably the oldest institution in the world, citing the need for God to create Eve as a companion for Adam in the Garden of Eden.

There are different types of marriages, but the one under review is the Christian marriage, which the authors describe as a covenant relationship in which a man and a woman are united together as one in order to accomplish God’s purpose for their lives. In actual fact, some people see marriage as a contract, and as long as the two persons involved in the relationship are still together, then the contract is still on.

The book, therefore, gives other types of marriages, while making the reader understand that all these are nothing compared to the Christian marriage which is built on the foundation of the love for God and one’s partner.

While different people may be in marriage for different reasons, the Christian marriage has as its purpose the need to provide companionship, to avoid sexual immorality and to populate the world.

Divorce in marriage is also discussed in the book, and the authors highlight instances where a divorce can be supported in the Christian marriage.

However, in order to make a marriage work, the authors list some critical issues both persons in a marriage must take cognizance of. Some of these issues include, love and respect for one another, sex between the couple, trust, the role of the husband, the role of the wife, serving God, among others.

Although this will not be the first book on marriage, nor will it be the last, but the authors, who are ministers of God, have used their personal experiences in their day-to-day journey in the world of marriage to share with the world how marriages can work.

At a time when several marriages are collapsing as a result of resolvable differences, it is important young persons who are thinking of marriage, or those already in the institution, read this book to give them insight into how this sacred institution works.

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