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Reasons Why You Need Bulk Sms Service:
SMS is the Easiest way to get a connected with people around the globe. That is why We introduced SMS Blast service which is a very reliable tool for marketing of products and services. MORE SO, we are here to announce to the world that in the ancient time that TOOTH BRUSH was the most own object in the world but in the COMMUNICATION age it is MOBILE PHONE. Our services are tailored to suite Businesses, Schools, Churches, Marketing Companies, Politicians even Individuals and Professional and Organizations. We are an advertising solution provider with passion to promote businesses and peoples communication using MOBILE MESSAGING which is fastest evolving communication channel on the planet.

With our simple business process, technical depth, easy-to-use messaging platform, customer-centric products and solutions, you are guaranteed of a world class communication solution that will take your business, church, seminar, meetings, events, political and social campaign to the next level.

With our sms platform be sure that you can reliably reach out to your customers, church members, friends, family, co-workers, customers, suppliers, course mates, students, parents, distributors and your team.

Are you into business and then want to communicate or market your business to the world?
Are you an organization wanting to send group messages such as event notifications, promotions or SMS alerts to staff?
Are you an individual looking to send a quick message or group text messages to all your friends? Then YOU ARE JUST AT THE RIGHT CENTER

If you already have an account with us, just enter in your login details and click on the login button to proceed. If you do not have an account with us, we will be delighted to have you as one of our clients. It's easy, simply click on REGISTER HERE you will receive a sign up bonus of 3 sms unit .

Invite all prospective members in your community to your outreach programs: You can now utilize all those numbers you’ve been collecting all year round and all the time you evangelized. What’s more, we have millions of Nigerian telephone numbers by states and LGA’s, you can send request to those in your local government areas.

2. Mobilize your members for evangelism: You can use bulk CHEAP BULK SMS SERVICES IN NIGERIA to organize and motivate your church members to turn out en masse for evangelism.

3. Automatically deliver prayers and bible guides: You can program your follow-up text messages on prayers and bible guides to be delivered at distinct designated days and times. This will nurture the relationship with your outlook and demonstrate that you are actually interested about their religious well-being.

4. Drive weekly reminders to prospects: You can use bulk CHEAP BULK SMS SERVICES IN NIGERIA to recall prospects of your gathering days and time and invite them.

5. Follow-up on first-timers who are unbelievers: Most places of worship don’t have a follow-up system for first-time visitors. You can use bulk CHEAP BULK SMS SERVICES IN NIGERIA to automate this and solve the difficulty.

6. Express gratitude first-time comers who are unbelievers for visiting you: This will make them seem significant.

7. Invite People to your subsequent church programs: After getting your prospects’ telephone numbers, you can get back to them via bulk cheap bulk sms services in nigeria when you have programs. And by so doing, you’re gaining a share of their minds.

8. Refer prospects to your Church’s website: Today, most people spend about 60% of their time online. You can take advantage of this detail by referring prospects by bulk CHEAP BULK SMS SERVICES IN NIGERIA to your Church’s website to learn more about your church, the gospel of Christ, and the ultimate salvation.

9. Mention your prospects to your TV and radio programs: TV and wireless have enormous power and credibility. By mentioning prospects there, you’ll be taking advantage of the regulation of Authority and integrity.

10. Nurture new converts: New converts need to be nurtured with the sincere milk of the Word rather than of just throwing them into the fray to consume bones with mature persons in faith. You can use CHEAP BULK SMS SERVICES IN NIGERIA to make this occur in supplement to other methods of nurturing. You can even automate it sms to help out!

11. Orientate new converts: There are principles in place in your place of worship that new converts need to understand among other things, you can use CHEAP BULK SMS SERVICES IN NIGERIA to do this.

12. Form members thoughts: For instance, you could form their thoughts about giving much, pleading always about marrying in the Lord.

13. Every day devotional bible verse: Help members start the day on a affirmative note and end it on a confident note.

14. Bible reading of the day: Help your members read through the whole bible in a year.

15. Joyous anniversary wishes/prayer: display your members you care about important days in their inhabits by sending them birthday wishes/prayer using CHEAP BULK SMS SERVICES IN NIGERIA. After all, the bible says we should rejoice with those who rejoice. You can even agenda it to be consigned on their anniversaries so that you don’t overlook it.

16. Send out exceptional plea points for members to plead about e.g. for a sick member: This will demonstrate to all members that the place of worship cares & the ceaseless collective prayers of the saints work wonders!

17. Weekly activities reminders: Get greatest attendance by sending out motivational reminders about your bible class, women class, recital practice, vigil, fasting and prayer meetings, youth class, travelling to, managing group meetings, ministry meetings, and so on.

18. Annual lectureship or seminar invitation: Are you holding an annual address or seminar? Save cost and succeed in getting huge attendance to your annual lectureships and seminars like youth and women lectureship, general bible class, etc.

19. Monthly roster dissemination: drive officiating members what they are to do in the month. This is very productive because it will stay in their telephones and they will get it whether they are in worship or not.

20. drive time-sensitive information: At times you desire to send out time-sensitive information using cheap bulk Sms services in Nigeria like event cancellation and meeting resolutions etc. you don’t have to delay for the next day of meeting. You can now do it and it will get to all your members instantly .

This is Task 2 for Second Audition. A quick reminder is that the Task 1 has been done and out of 55 who sent in their entries over 35 were disqualified. Those who scored below our cut of were not carried into this round. 


1. The Companies Calendar which will have your face and the face of other contestants will be sent physically to you which has adverts of the companies products. You are expected to market the Calendar only to anyone who can hang it in his house, office and shop and must hang it where people will see it not in a hidden corner. Each Calendar price is N1,500 and you can market as much as you can. You are expected to send at least 5 photo sample of different people you sold to who hanged the Calendar. ( 75 Marks ).

2. Prepare a Business Proposal which will be your pet project that will bring income for the company as regards or related to the business the company do or to what you can do well. Not more than three pages describe the business and detail the amount needed for you to start it. Market your proposal to companies, orgnizations or business individuals who will buy it by investing in it. Your proposal will not be above 1 million and will not be less than N50,000 ( 70 marks ).

3. A Bulk Sms Voucher Sheet will be sent to you via email which you will print and Market for the Company. The sheet will have four set of Bulk SMS Voucher codes which will be sold to customers who want to buy sms units and half of the voucher amount will be redeemed on the company website where the customer will register to use it while half of the amount will be as a support for you in the contest. The Bulk SMS voucher code will cost N5000 each and four codes will be in each sheet of paper. You can market as many sheets as you can. ( 65 Marks ).

The three options above has allocations for marks from 1 to 70, 65 or 75. To know the marks allocation breakdown for this kindly request for the category you choose by sending us an email or sending a whatsapp message to 08087142616. You must choose one only. 

As we all know that Buhari contested 4 times before he won last year Election. The current Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria contested last year and failed and this year she won it. The task above is to test your ability of being a good marketer for the company as every staff of Okwaifugo Integrated Service Nig Limited is a marketer and as a business enterprise the Gift of a Car and huge consolation prizes we mapped out for this will not come when you lie on your bed rather you will have it when you decide to work hard. 

Final Audition Date: 24th Nov
Camping: 25th - 27th Nov.
Event: 2nd Dec, 7pm. Arch Event Center Awka Anambra State.

After the Main Third/Physical audition which will be held on the 24th, your task 1, task 2 will be calculated together with your physical audition display which will give your final score. Once you qualify, you will go home to come back the next day 25th for Camping. There will be a Camp fee which the amount will be decided and communicated to you on the final Audition Day. The Physical Audition is Only 10 Marks. 

Remember Questions and brake down of marks for each of the three categories above should be sent as email or to WhatsApp 08087142616.

Note: Our contestants are not allowed to sell tickets rather you are free to buy for your esteemed fans and supporters so they will grace the occasion and cheer you up. Ticket sales is strictly for the Company Staff.

Do not ever think of quitting or backing out because if you do you just made the contest easy for her and your conscience will likely not be in good terms with you. The time has come to write your name in history and enter the world of fame where your career will shoot to any length you wish around the world. You will be glad you participated in the contest.

We are a reputable company and we don't sell our crown to anyone. Its our contest and we as always allow dignity to play its part. Calculating your marks makes you know if you are winning or not. God is surely and will always be with you as the crown is yours.

Making Money With The Contest:
For Every N55,000 you pay you get N6000.
This means that once you start marketing either the company Calendar, Bulk Sms Voucher, Pet Project and all your payments reaches N55,000, you will be called to send your account and N6,000 will be paid back to you. When you reach another N55,000 again N6,000 will be paid to you for as many times as possible. Last year a contestant who didn't reach 10th position was paid over N60,000. This is why Face Of OkwaIfugo South East Contest is Different.

FOOSE 2016 Manager.


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