FLASH: Areas To Read For The Scholarship Exam.

1. About The Company ( Search and Research on the company and the companies various business). 60%

2. Current Affairs ( Nigeria current affairs from year 2015 to date ). 30%

3. Face Of OkwaIfugo South East ( Read about the FOOSE last year contest as you are expected to tell us how the contest went last year ). 10%

Notice: Scholarship Exam Date has beeb shifted to 16th Dec 2016 @1:00pm. Venue: Sen Clet Vintage Bar, Yahoo Junction Ifite Unizik Awka. The shifting was as a result of the recently released school time table. We regret every inconvenience this might you.

Application submission has been closed. 

Call  +234 803 334 1538, 0703 013 9994, To Submit Your Duely Filled Scholarship Form.

Modified: Year 1 Students Can Now Apply For The Scholarship. 

Note: All Form must be submitted to the Company Contact Person in the School Premises With exception to Agulu, Nnewi Campus students who are to submit theirs via Email. Call the number above for instruction on this.

✏What Is The Okwaifugo Scholarship Program?
The Okwaifugo Scholarship Program, aims to award grants to students to fund their academic studies.

✏Who Should Apply For This Scholarship Program?
The Okwaifugo Scholarship 2016 is open to Nigerian Students who are currently running their Regular Undergraduate studies in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

✏Who Sponsors The Program?
The Okwaifugo Scholarship 2016 is sponsored by the CEO, Okwaifugo Integrated Services Nigeria Limited through OMM ( Okwaifugo Multi Level Marketing Programme ).

>>The Okwaifugo Scholarship 2016 is open to all Nigerian citizen Undergraduates, in good academic standing however, who meet the criteria listed below:

* The applicant must be a Bonafide Student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka and be able to provide valid proof to that effect.

* The applicant must have gotten approved admission into the university and hence currently in the first, second, third, fourth/final year as the case may be. (i.e. students awaiting admission are not eligible)

* Applicant must be running a Regular Program.

* Applicant should have a Valid School/Department ID card.

✏Application Procedure:

- Click on the Form JPEG IMAGE below to download and print the application form.

- Click http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img922/4444/cIDoCV.jpg to open the Application Form On Url for your printing if the first option didn't work for you.

- Forms must be Printed in Colored and in A4 Paper.
- Forms should be duly filled and submitted to The Company Staff who's contact details has been given above. Application submition ends October 15th.

- In the form where you have '' Your Department Identification '', a Lecturer in your department must fill this to ascertain that your a Valid Student of your Department. No Course Rep/SUG executive should fill this portion for you. Its strictly for any Lecturer in your department.

- In the form where there is option for your www.OkwaIfu.com username please visit www.OkwaIfu.com which is the Company's Bulk SMS Portal and Register. Upon successful registration you will have your username which you will fill in your Scholarship Application Form.

>> All shortlisted applicants would be notified as regards the date, time and venue for their scholarship exam as soon as evaluation of details submitted by applicants is completed . 

>> All Applicants on point of submission of their Application Form must pay a non refundable fee of N200 ( Two Hundred Naira Only ) by cash to Face Of OkwaIfugo ( Female ) or By Bank to the Company's Account Number: 0067409483. Name: OkwaIfugo Bulk Sms Concept. Diamond Bank.

Note: Multiple Application may attract a Disqualification Penalty.

>> Okwaifugo Scholarship Programme 2016..... Crystallizing Academic Dreams for a better tomorrow.


1. Area of Concentration where you are expected to read for the Scholarship Exam has been revealed here.

2. This Scholarship Programme is for only 1 year ( One Academic Session ).

3. You are free to ask any Question you have as regards to this Scholarship Programme by commenting Below and a Company Staff will attend to you.



  1. I thought submission ended on 20th June now I'm seeing 22nd July

  2. It was extended so the year one students at will apply. Thanks for your comment dear.

  3. Is the exam written or oral pls?

  4. havent seen list of shortlisted applicants,time and venue and its less than a week to 29th

  5. It has been shifted. Please read above. The recently released school time table influenced our decision to have it shifted. Thanks

  6. pls what does the scholarship programme cover? is it only the normal school fees of 20,100?

  7. The coverage will be made known to winners of the scholarship programme Sir.

  8. pls the page should av been updated on time about venue and procedure of the exam to know our fate. participants might not be opportuned to know watsup a day or two days before the exam. pls do give us updates on time

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  10. Anonymous9:31 pm

    There's still no venue?

  11. Venue has been Updated and time also.


  12. pls is the results not out yet??????